We are now offering new services:

Shipping Prescriptions:


We are committed to keep our clients and staff safe. We offer to ship your prescriptions/prescription food through USPS (2-3 days) or by staff members at your door step (same day). 

Please do not order through unauthorized online pharmacies. In most cases, our products are less expensive than online pharmacies. 

As always, we do price matching and rebates. 

When you buy from us, you are supporting the hospital in its quest to keep our medical services low and affordable to all. 

During this difficult time, we are making every effort to help our clients and our employees.


Do you have questions about your pet? Request a tele-medicine appointment today! 

You will have enough time to ask all your questions to the Dr. via phone call, email, and texts messages.

Our regular office visit fee will apply. 

After your tele-medicine appointment, we either ship or deliver your pet's prescriptions. 

If the Dr. considers the patient needs advanced medical care, we offer to pick up your pet from home for medical care in our facility. 

Pick up/Drop off patients for advanced medical care:

According to Doctor's discretion, some patients may need advanced medical care. We offer to pick up sick dogs, cats, and some exotics from your home. 

These patients will be brought in to our facilities for diagnostics, medical care, and hospitalization. Client/Dr. /Staff communication will continue via phone calls, text messages or emails as necessary. 

Additional small fee for this service will apply. 

House calls:

This is really not a new service from North Hills!

We are still offering house calls, however, we ask clients to keep safe distance from staff. 

Please limit to only one family member during our visit in the area where the office visit will take place. 

Our regular fees will apply

Regular Office visits:

We are still here to help!

However, we kindly ask our clients for their cooperation during these visits:


Remain seated during your appointment (to keep safe distance from staff)

Limit to one client per appointment

Limit to 3 clients in the lobby areas at once. If lobby is full, please patiently wait outside

Please DO NOT bring children to the hospital

You are more than welcome to wash your hands in our facility. We all use medical grade disinfectant as our daily hand/washing routine. 

After each client visit, we are spraying all door knobs, counters, tables, floors with a powerful heavy duty virucide solution. This solution dries quickly from surfaces. However, if you touch any surface and find it wet,  inform the staff and please wash your hands as soon as possible. 

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