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Meet the Staff

Hello and Welcome to North Hills Animal Hospital!

Many of you already know me as Dr. Jeannette.

I did my undergraduate studies at Georgia State University and then headed to The University of Georgia for my veterinary training. I received my DVM degree in 2013.

Before graduation, I worked in the veterinary field for nearly 10 years helping veterinarians and doing community work. I also have a professional groomer certification! I am a member of the AVMA , GVMA, and I am USDA accredited. 

For fun, I like to go on motorcycle rides, remodeling my home or taking care of my five cats, kids and my beloved Golden Retriever "Thor".

Dr. Yanneth Shuykin DVM

My name is Manuel and I am sure many of you still remember me from years ago.

I worked with Drs Rouvet and Waters and then Dr. Reddy. I recently found out that Dr. Jeannette bought the hospital.

Back in 2002, Dr. Jeannette and me worked together as veterinary technicians at an animal hospital in Lawrenceville. I am happy to be back to North Hills and glad to see many familiar faces.

Manuel Gonzalez

My name is Isabella, I am the youngest member at North Hills! I have been recently admitted at Georgia State University for my pre-veterinary studies.

I greatly enjoy this job and love to take care of animals.

Isabella Perez

Hello! My Name is Rediet, I usually go by Rey, and I'm one of the vet techs here at North Hills.

I'm a self proclaimed certified cat lady, I currently have 5 cats, and 1 kitten I'm fostering and 1 dog. My animals are my children and I absolutely adore them!

I'm currently in school at State for vet med of course. I love animals, I love working with animals, and I love caring for patients and seeing clients faces when we help their fur babies.


I love my job and my coworkers and can't wait to meet all of you and your fur babies! Welcome to North Hills! 


I'm Melody Bradley, from a very young age I've always loved working with and caring for animals.

I am currently attending Georgia State University to receive my bachelors degree in Biology.


My dream is to become a veterinarian and I'm so happy that North Hills Animal Hospital is making that dream come true.

My name is Nikki Matthews, I am the Receptionist at North Hills Animal Hospital.


I love all animals big and small. I am very outgoing and happy. I love reading books and watching horror and comedy movies.

I adore my job, coworkers and our clients because I get to make a personal connection with each individual.

I feel no time is wasted if you are doing something you love and learning from it.


Blood Donor

Customer care, greeting and entertainment

Patient playmate

Thor is an English Cream Golden Retriever and he is a very important staff member at North Hills. 


Thor is our blood donor!!

So far Thor has saved the life of many of our precious patients. 

Because of his important role, every time Thor donates blood he goes under hospitalization until we make sure he is back to normal. 

He loves cats although cats sometimes don't appreciate when he checks on them.

We keep Thor very healthy by administering his heartworm and flea prevention on monthly basis. He is under daily physical exams as Dr. Shuykin is his owner.